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Hello, i’m new in Fiverr. Please help me


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I’m a professional Digital Marketer. recently I make Gig on Google ads & FB Ads but I can’t understand what the wrong.

Ask Expert …
Please check my gig and it is right Gig…??

favicon-32x32.png.103d97b790cb7f1e78e138a4f56cf095.png Fiverr.com 3a39616b-c7c5-4f72-81d7-1a3e41666615.jpeg.56229f351dd2477cdaace1ae68a60ad2.jpeg

ads_hasan's public profile on Fiverr

Welcome to my profile. I am Hasan Mahmud From Bangladesh.Enthusiastic freelancer covering Digital Marketing for your business growth.I have working experience in several sectors. So below given my working skills: Digital Marketing, Social Media...

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