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App Impressions vs Site Impressions - App # higher?


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I’m trying to figure out why the number of impressions listed on my app is different from the impressions on my laptop.

I know this question has been asked before, and the answer was that the app is set to ‘7 days’ and the website is set to ‘30 days’.

However, this doesn’t apply to me because the number of impressions on the app is higher than on my laptop. My phone is saying 31 impressions for 7 days, and my laptop is saying 11 impressions for 30 days. I even changed the laptop setting to 7 days, and nothing changed (obviously).fiverr impressions|631x400

Any ideas? Thanks for the help. I’m new, and still trying to figure things out!

Edit: Approx 30 minutes after making this post, the number of impressions on the website changed to match what was showing on the app.

Is this delay something common? I’m noticing Fiverr to be very glitchy overall, and that some of the issues I’m experiencing so far, after researching them, have been problems for at least the last 5 years.


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