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Hi from Wichita


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Hey everyone,
Rick here and I live in good ole Kansas but the crazy fact is that I’m originally from NYC weird huh? but anyway, I joined Fiverr not too long ago and I made my first sale which was great but only one problem that got me very discouraged was my response time of 17hrs. So the reason behind this is that I work in the HVAC field during the day and won’t be home usually till 4:30pm sometimes up until 6pm. I had mentioned that I do have a day job in my ad as well. I have the Fiverr app on my phone and can tend to anyone who was to send me a message when I do have a moment at work since usually those are the times that I receive questions. I wish I can drop what I’m doing at work when the next opportunity arises here on Fiverr but sometimes its just what it is. When I’m home I can get to do my thing musically. So after this little bit of ranting and raving, my ad shows 17hrs of response time which doesn’t look good for me at all and by all means is not on purpose. To me its kind of like a smack in the face and making an example out of someone. I wish things like that would not be posted on the sellers ad but these type of things can be rectified via email from the Admin I would assume. You know kind of like a slap on the wrist and don’t do it again type of thing or it will be known to buyers? If I myself had seen that on someones ad, I would’ve moved on to the next seller too. Thanks for taking the time to hear me vent a little bit. So is there anyway for that to be removed from my ad?

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