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Changing/Adding bank account on Payoneer with Fiverr linked as funding source


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I am experiencing a major issue with my Payoneer account and can neither add nor delete bank accounts because my Payoneer account is linked to a funding source (aka Fiverr) I have contacted the customer service of Payoneer about it but so far it seems that I just keep getting automated responses because none of their replies even addressed my specific issue. Has anyone using Payoneer been in contact with their customer service? And were you able to solve your issue? I am so close to just contacting Fiverr to unlink Payoneer and then close my Payoneer account in order to be able to link it again and make a new one with the new bank account details. But I know that this will probably take another week … Sorry for the rant, I just really don’t know where to go from here because it feels like running into a wall 🙈

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