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How to work with buyers?


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Hi there! Welcome to Fiverr :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I would recommend reading some posts in the “Tips For Sellers” category. You can find some valuable info there about how to work well with buyers and be a good seller overall.

Thanks! Good luck!

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Be concise in your communication. Get to the point quickly. Act respectful but dont be over-thankful or devote. You want to be taken serious so you need to talk like that.

Be correct in your use of language. Grammar and spelling mistakes make communcation unnecessary hard.

Be upfront about what you offer and what you dont offer right from the start. With time and experience you will know what buyers need to know with your gig.

When delivering, always write a small paragraph summarizing your work. Encourage your buyers to get back to you if they are unhappy in any way. That does not mean giving unlimited revisions. But being open about changing gives the buyer the feeling that he is in good hands. I also found that buyers are less likely to leave a bad review. They will contact you 99% of the time and give you the change to make it right.

Be efficient and try to get all the relevant info from the start and dont constantly get back to them for every detaill. (Though, that might be required for some gigs).

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