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Who will protect us from bad clients?


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I wrote an ebook on work-related stress for a client. She ordered two ebooks, one would be more extensive, with 20 pages, and the other would be a summary of the second, with about five pages.
After delivering the Ebooks, she canceled the order. She requested a refund claiming grammatical errors, that the scientific studies’ facts were not accurate, and that the short ebook had only five pages.
In the print, she showed me such errors; they were just a preference for different words.
I used Grammarly premium, and I always use studies published in indexed scientific journals or official and reliable sources.
The client didn’t even give me a chance to review the work. Furthermore, she did not point out that scientific fact was incorrect.

I’ve lost a whole day of work, and Fiverr didn’t even give me the right to respond.

I am very disappointed because Fiverr cannot forget that we are the ones who pay them, freelancers.

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The answer is you. You will protect yourself from bad clients. I’m not trying to be clever or witty, but as a seller, you have to take the first line of defence.

For example, I check the feedback of a new buyer before agreeing to a job (have other sellers had issues, or does the buyer historically give low feedback?). I never take on a job for a new client that requires more than two hours of my time (in case they do go rogue, in which case I could begrudgingly write off two hours of my time). I ensure my gig / offer includes wording along the lines of ‘copyright of the text remains with me (the seller) until full payment has cleared. In the event of cancellation, copyright reverts to me and use of the text is prohibited. I always pursue illegal use of my work’.

Finally, so long as you have evidence that the seller has used your work after cancelling the order, then you can go back to customer support and present your evidence.

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I just got the same, the old bad client came back not long after i got my first ever Level 1 badge
The client just suddenly make order so i can’t refuse in the first place
I have to cancel the order for my safety, but it affects my performance and i got removed back to No Level
I’m sad. I know there’s nothing i can do until next evaluation, but i just need a place to vent

I hope Fiverr have a feature where the buyer could ask for seller availability first rather than straight right to order notifications

Sorry for bad English, i hope everything will turns out well for all of us❤

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