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Never give your source files to any seller


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so recenlty i needed a service from a seller , a script fix on one of my games.

He asked for the source file so he could see and fix the problem, me … so naive… i agreed.

He did fix my problem, however right after that he started selling “make a game” using my game script/engine.

Same style, sprites are the same but with diferent art. It was like…wow.

Im not here to make enemies and point fingers since it was kind of dumb of me to send the files to the seller.

Also there are tons of wordpress gigs on “i will install this or that” does fiverr know, in order to install wordpress the seller needs the MYSQL database info? I know the database info can be changed quickly to prevent the seller to access and there are ways to limit the user on the database to insert tables.

This was a bad experience for me but i know life goes on. So dont be naive like me.

Go google or buy a book and learn it yourself, i know $5 sounds cheap but it can lead to losing your game or having clones all over the place.

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