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Gig image selecting


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I’m expert at background removal work as well as photo retouching.
I am expert in this filed.
Now, i want to make my gig. SO, i i want to edit my own gig image. Now, my question is that, if choose an image from google and then retouch that or remove the background and add some texts and after that i use this as my gig image then is there will be any problem?
i wanna be sure about that.
If you surely know about this then kindly share me the ideas. I will be helped and thanked.
Kindly, sultan

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Only use images, videos, audio or other content fully owned by you. The media you use may also include samples of your work.

Note: Do not use copyrighted images, otherwise your Gig will be removed. Do not provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.

The above is from here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011421218-Gig-Policies

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