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I am New Here. How can i get order fast?


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There is nothing “fast” or “easy” about getting orders here when you are new or even as an established seller.

What are you offering? Did you make a Gig that has literally thousands of others who are clamoring for the same buyers? If you make a Gig in say, logo design, virtual assistant, WP, PhotoShop retouching etc, you are in categories that are over saturated with sellers, and new ones coming on daily.

If you got the idea from YouTube or some guru’s blog that all you had to do was make a Gig or two here on Fiverr (in those overly competitive and crowded categories) and you would be making hundreds or thousands a week, you have been misled.

There is no easy path to success when you are a freelancer. Those who want it easy and without pain, are not those that are cut out for entrepreneurship. You would be better off as a worker bee.


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The biggest thing I’ve learned as a Level 2 seller is to make sure your product or service is DIFFERENT than the rest, whether that it’s of higher quality, of a more competitive rate, or that it carves out it’s own niche that no other seller provides.

For me, I carved out my own niche as a professional dancer and choreographer based in New York City since I knew for a fact that no one else on Fiverr had the same amount of training and real industry experience as I did.

As a result, I was able to propel my former account to Level 2 status in less than several months. I’ve since started over knowing that a new account with even better SEO setup has even greater potential.

You can check out how I’ve been setting up this brand new profile here.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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