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How do you guys manage your orders?


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I was curious and watched other sellers from my niche like video editors, motion designers, VFX artists who have around 10 orders in queue, I mean, it’s quite a lot, I need around 7 hours to edit a video professionally with photo edited thumbnail, intro/outro made in after effect, that I deliver in maximum 5 days and I take max 3/4 orders in queue.
How can they handle so much orders ? Delivery time must be long.

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Here’s what I do.

I have several sources of freelance work (Fiverr and non-Fiverr).

I use an old-school approach.

I have a lined notebook where I enter information on each order as they are received.

If there is a special deadline, I will note that in the far right column.

As I complete jobs, I stroke them out.

For the non-Fiverr jobs, I also note whether or not I have created a PayPal invoice.

I know, it’s paper and pen, but it has never let me down in the seven years I’ve been freelancing.

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