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Post Request Disappointment


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I posted a request for a 2D Explainer Animation and I set my budget. The disappointment is that 95% of the offers are at the max of my budget, while the sellers are new with almost none reviews.

If I set a budget of 150$ but your own Premium Gig is cheaper, there are some bad first impressions here. I think fiverr should put some algorithms to check for copy-paste offers, so sellers will stop sending offers without even reading the requirements.

This post is also related to New Sellers. Never do that. Your client won’t trust you if you don’t know your own pricing list. I can basically go to buy 1KG of bread, by saying my budget is 15$. Will he sell me that product for 15$ just because I don’t know what’s the price? I don’t think so. It’s called “take advantage of potential client” and therefore never convert him into a real client.

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I never use the BRs for that reason.

As a Buyer, you get flooded with offers from Sellers (many of who are far from qualified to provide the requested service but are desperate for work to fluff up their stats).

As a Seller you find a number of BRs with budgets that are insultingly low.

It’s a no-win in many cases on the BRs.

You would probably have better luck just searching for a freelancer who provides the work you require.

Good luck.

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