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Although the customer liked my job, cs canceled the order


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Hello, I was very disappointed recently. I am an architect. I’ve dealt with a customer. He asked me to draw for him. As a first step, he asked me to draw a professional layout plan from hand drawings. He then said that I would draw views, sections, plans and pay for each stage. To begin with, we agreed on the floor plan drawing for $ 50. I drew for hours for him and made every revision he wanted. Finally, the layout plan drawing is finished. And that said you liked it. (I sent the file to him.) He asked me to move on to the next step. It was 8 hours before the deadline. I asked him if I should charge extra time and fee for the next stage. He didn’t answer my question even though he was online. It kept me busy until the order delivery time passed. He then said he wanted to create a dispute and cancel the order without saying anything. He thought I could not make enough quality drawings for him. I spent hours on his project and he said he liked what I was doing. I opened a support request to customer service twice. they told the buyer that they cannot forcibly accept the order and I need to contact the buyer. I did not ask them to force the order. The recipient was not responding to my messages! I could not communicate properly in any way. I told him that I didn’t want to cancel the order and that I was wasting hours on it. I refused the dispute request and delivered the order to him. (of course he wrote late delivery in the system) The buyer then opened the dispute again and said that I did not deliver the order on time. (I had already finished it 8 hours earlier and sent it to him!) I also refused this request. Later, Cs said my order was canceled. My world collapsed on me. Who will if Fiverr is not defending their sellers? I have evidence of all the conversations. I did not miss anything. I did what he wanted in the most perfect way. And he took those files and canceled the order. I am in great sorrow. I do not know what to do. There is no response to my support requests. Please help me.

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