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Buyer to see requirements before placing order


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Hello all MOD/Fiverr staff!

What are the chances Fiverr implements that buyer is able to see after clicking on order button mandatory requirements but prior to payment, not after payment?

Something like “this seller has set mandatory requirements, make sure before placing order you have all the requirements ready…”

So for example if in order for me to complete the order I need vector files, the client who failed to read the description or doesn’t know what vector is, doesn’t make an order until collects all that is required.

I bet this suggestion has already been made, so what is the update on that?

@mjensen415 @wp_kid @video_at_fvrr @frank_d

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Hey @marinapomorac

I am not Fiverr staff as I am sure you know.

Not sure how tagging mods helps you as we also don’t have any pull with Fiverr staffers.

If you want my 2 cents:

People who don’t read your description or FAQ -I assume you mention your requirements there one way or another- will NOT read the disclaimer as either.

Fiverr added a “I acknowledge that what I submit…additional fees…blah-blah-blah” and we still get people submitting whatever.

So that’s probably not the solution. Adding warning signs over everything.

You are selling a service. It is implied that there are requirements.

If that’s not clear you can add more clarity to your gigs and maybe figure out alternative plays for when that one dud goes through?

I had someone buy a $50 gig for something I offer via a $250 one.

I didn’t know that until they submitted the info.

I then up sold them to the $250 option, via a single message.

That took me a few years to figure out. Both that people will always make faulty assumptions and how to handle them in a polite and efficient manner.

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