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Did anyone know how to attracts buyer through buyer request


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BR is the 💩 bowl of Fiverr. Most of Fiverr seems dedicated to offensive amounts of pay for lots of poorly-defined work but BR really takes the “chocolate” cake.

Most of the better sellers either report terrible BR:Sale ratios or just refuse to play entirely. Understandable but not helpful as then we don’t have sane people telling those who post stupid jobs how completely bonkers their expectations are.

Also when people ask others to commit precious time to them and then don’t respond, it only leads to worse outcomes for everyone. The BR “buyers” whine that they get garbage responses as the excuse but that doesn’t make ignoring serious responders ok. It simply makes it worse as there is little incentive to draft a good offer when a) you don’t know what the job really is (how can I Mix a song that I cannot hear?), b) the budget is insane, c) you know whatever you send will be ignored. Might as well send

I very number 1 good be, super u me use. bubba hey gabba gabba weeks ho

for everything.

My current ratio is 77:1 It is simply getting worse over time.

People wanting whole songs made for them (and I am ignoring all the copyright breach demands to clone famous songs for $10) for $30 or less. Minus 20% fees of course. Yes, I will willingly spend 10-20 hours of specialist time for less than 1-hour of base wages. I hate myself that much. Matter of fact why not just take my work then chargeback? That will make me even happier. :crazy_face:

So no, there is no sane way to get more/better responses on BR unless you want to debase yourself and your craft seeing most of those who put up BR a) have asked for something vague but large for a stupidly low fee and b) they won’t respond to 99-100% of responders, even to say “thanks for your time”.


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