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I'm almost Top Rated Seller


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One year and 3 months after i started in the Fiverr i fulfil the requirements to Top Rated Seller… i hope get the badge soon 🙂 As i already tried a lot of online plataforms i can say that the Fiverr is the best plataform to work on…

I would like to share some things to new sellers:

  • Send all day the 10 offers of the Buyer Request Page, this will help you to get the first clients (don’t keep just waiting)

  • About sharing your GIG on social media… i never heard some seller doing this… so i could say that this is wast of time (unless that you have potential customers in your social media)

  • Everytime that i check the Forum i saw people asking question… that all the answer are in the Help Center… if you wanna know the answer for your question search for it… the google and this forum will answer everything that you wanna know.

  • And the most important thing READ the Terms of Services of the plataform, in this pages there’s all points that can protect you as a seller… know how the plataform works is important!

Thank you for all in the Forum, everyday i learn a lot here 🙂

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