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Buying Fiverr stocks :)


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As a Fiverr seller, I had put all the money that I earned and invested back into Fiverr, hoping this company will grow in the near future.
And I was right, Fiverr is a great place and their market value had grown 3x when the time I first purchased.

Nearly 100% profiting, (not a finical expert, won’t recommend anyone to invest blindly, do your own research)

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Great job! 👍

Might be a correction coming soon as it is close to hitting the top of the channel on Finviz: FVRR Fiverr International Ltd. Stock Quote

However, if it does end up breaking the possible resistance point, it might go up by a lot. We will also need to see how the earnings report will impact it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy Fiverr as early as you did, and I got out at 285 as I have had bad luck owning stocks close to an earnings date, already earned a lot on the stock, and it was close to the top on the Finviz channel.

I do think it is a good long-term investment option, so good choice and good luck!

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