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Should I be charging for Commercial Rights?


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I have a Buyer that wants to use my voice recording as part of an Autodial service - it appears I would be the voice of their entire service. They want me to create a fake name for the purpose.

Should I be charging for the rights to my voice? I’m still fuzzy on what constitutes/should constitute the purchase of the Commercial or Full Broadcast rights to my voice.

I have 42 hours to create this - would love some advice in the area!

Thanks All!


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I have never encountered this before and I used to voice radio ads for 23 years.

In my case, I was “the evening guy” on the radio and voicing ads came with the territory.

I would do some Google searching for clarification, but I think if you are selling your voice as a freelancer, and you are not an um, famous or well-known person, you are wasting your time trying to copyright your voice.

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