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Buyer wants Seller to help him change his rating. Whether possible


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Hello Fiverr community

This post relates to general inquiry about a situation I read quite often on social media regarding working on Fiverr. I am asking this question just to make sure that my conduct is in line with the Fiverr TOS in case the same situation happens with me in the future.

In this hypothetical situation , the buyer is new to Fiverr and knows little about what is a bad or a good review and how much stars shall he give if he is satisfied with the seller’s performance. Lets say he gives a review of 2.5 stars to the seller not knowing that it is considered low and can spoil the seller’s stats (and not considered as satisfactory review). Later he regrets and tells the seller that he has given the said 2.5 rating unintentionally and in good faith and would like to change his review. He also tells the seller that he knows very little about Fiverr and doesn’t know how to change his review in this case.
So, my question is whether the seller on the behalf of the buyer can ask the Customer Support to change the buyer’s rating (As the buyer wants to change it) ??? or is it considered a violation of Fiverr TOS and result in the seller getting a warning???

Thanks for reading

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NEVER discuss ratings with your buyer. This can be seen as rating manipulation and you can receive a warning for it. Even IF there was an honest mistake made.

And, no, do not message customer service about this - if your buyer is that eager to change his rating, he can figure out how to message them. Do NOT get involved.


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