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Tips to get Orders from Buyer Request


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Tips to get Order from Buyer Request

As a new Seller, you need to find your order.

If you wait that order will come automatically so in my case 90% of people fail with this kind of thinking.

You need to impress the buyer to give you the order.

Focus on Buyer requests first.

First of all, we need to rank our level to level 1 or level 2 seller, then we can get orders even without sending buyer requests.

Create a special gig for buyer requests…

  1. Gig title should be (I will do work according to your request).

  2. Make a unique and eye-catching proposal to send to the buyer to request for order.

  3. The proposal should contain touchy words and also put some links to websites or portfolios.

Its help so much, with this process I got 7 orders in just 10 days.


Hi, you have been looking for the best deal and developer ?.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

My greatest intention is to earn a 5-star review from you and I believe that I can do the job well done and in the best way possible.

I am a “professional website designer and developer” With over 2 years of experience I am very proficient at designing beautiful “designs”.

I’m looking forward to working with you on this project. Thank you

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If you send out this “boiler plate” type of form to all Buyer’s Requests, I am surprised you get orders. Most who put up a Buyer’s Request do not want a copy/paste looking response, they want to know that you actually READ what they wrote and what THEY need.

I would suggest to anyone who is replying to Buyer’s Requests to take a moment to read it, and write a reply that is specifically addressing what the buyer wants. No one cares if you want to achieve a 5 star review or if you have been building websites for all of 2 years - where in this response does it address what the request asked for.

I hope newbies will not copy/paste this blurb you wrote and spam it to all the Buyer’s Requests they can answer. They will be sorely disappointed and likely come back here whining about how they have sent out 200 replies and have not heard back from anyone.


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