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Need Help with Account Restriction


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Hi, I provide bookkeeping services. Every time I talk to a buyer, and I say “pay”, it sends me an alert not to do business outside of Fiverr. But I have to say things like “payment” and “payroll” to find out what bookkeeping my client needs. I’m not doing anything wrong. For example, I had a buyer say that they need their customer payments applied to their invoices. This is a bookkeeping thing. So I said, yes, I can apply customer payments. I also ask people, do you need payroll services? I get a warning for that.
Fiverr sends me warnings all the time. But I cant’ help it.

So, yesterday a lady asked me if I could correct all the customer payments from 2020. But she also said “we can take this outside of Fiverr”. I ignored that she wanted to make a deal outside of Fiverr and asked her questions about what she needed. Then I sent her a custom offer. But, since I said the trigger word “pay” several times and she made that comment, now my account is restricted. I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t figure out how to contact support. What can I do?

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I would contact customer support and see if there is something that they can do. Also I would try not to get too many warnings maybe use another word because if you get too many reports your account can get terminated. I can see that you have tried to use other words but you could use something that is not related to paying at all.

Hope that can help you.

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