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Seller has family issue, not able to deliver .. so how?


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I’m ordered from 1 seller, although he did manage to deliver on time, I requested for revision.
After requested the changes, the seller said that he has some serious family issue and he had no idea when he can edit and re-deliver to me.

Fully respect to this situation but… my project is also kinda urgent, so what can I do in this situation?

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It is unacceptable for the seller to say they have no idea when they can redeliver.

Unforeseen circumstances do happen in life, and maybe this is one of those genuine times - but your seller needs to communicate one of these three things:

  1. It’s going to be another 2 or 3 days maximum. Please bear with me.
  2. It’s going to be at least another month, maybe 6 weeks.
  3. I’m not going to be able to edit the video within your timeframe. I will cancel the order.

Option 1 is maybe workable for you. Option 2 is unrealistic and you need to cancel. Option 3 is a good seller giving you clear direction.

If you believe your seller, then you can either be Mr Nice Guy and wait for the buyer to redeliver. Or, if your project is urgent then you or he need to cancel.

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I think that you should go to the resoulution centre because I don’t know what else to do . I would say that it is fine that they deliver late because of a revisions but because they are not giving a time frame then I would say that it might be a good idea to cancel.

I just think that you should give them a few days. Don’t spam them but try and get them to give you a time frame and then you can make a more informed decision on whether to cancel.

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