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Order is very poor


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I created my account in July 2020 to start with some new photoshop related services. I do not get much more order nowadays but I’m happy with my freelancing life with Fiverr. I believe If I spend more time then I can get more orders from here.
my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/dNBlg6
I can’t get much more order. The impression of my gig is not bad but the order result is very poor.
Now, what can I do on my gig?
Please suggest me as I can get more orders

11272×706 68.8 KB
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I gave you Gig a quick look.

There are about a million freelancers here on Fiverr providing the same service, so competition is going to be one factor.

I see you have also mentioned you will photo edit “unlimited images” in each of your packages, but then you have them broken down to 20, 50, etc. images.

I would clarify that.

Also, you have noted “unlimited revisions” and I would change that to 2 or 3 revisions max.

Here’s why, I can hire you for $5 to photo edit 20 photos.

With “unlimited revisions” I can get you to keep changing those images for me for the next few weeks, months or years.

You can’t do anything about it as your Gig says you will revise them an unlimited number of times for me and it will cost me just $5.

Don’t get caught in that trap.

Also, in case you think “unlimited revisions” is going to make you appear to be offering superior customers service, let me tell you what I think as a Buyer.

Unlimited revisions to me tells me that you are not sure in your ability to provide me with what I want.

If that is not the case, dump “unlimited revisions” ASAP.

That will clean up your Gig making it appear a bit more professional.

I hope this helps.

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So this is your gig text:

image844×889 95.7 KB

And this is someone else’s here on Fiverr…

image780×874 94.3 KB

…see the issue?

I’m getting 13 hits in Copyscape for your gig text and bio, including this word-for-word copy on another Fiverr seller’s gig. If you stole it from someone else and copy-pasted, you need to fix it. Only use original text in your gigs and bio - Google and Fiverr both know the difference, and it’s likely affecting your gig ranking in the algorithm.

ETA: It’s also riddled with errors, which doesn’t look professional. “Sir” only applies to male or male-identifying clients, so you’re alienating half (or more) of your potential buyers starting out with that. You are not “highly dedicated professionals” if you’re one person - you’re a professional - singular. There’s errant capitalization throughout the writing, and you “do work rapidly until my client is satisfied”, not “until client satisfaction.” etc. etc.

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I would make other jobs that you can do that aren’t background removal. Since you have photoshop there should be lots of different services that you can offer.

I am not really sure what you mean in you title because you say you will do amazon photo background removal and I cant tell whether you are saying that you will remove backgrounds of photos for amazon the website or if it is a typo and you mean amazing. If you do mean amazon maybe change the way the title is written to make is more understandable such as. I will do photo background removal for amazon. Basically something along those lines. You could edit their image into a background for amazon and then you stand out because you are not offering the same service as may other sellers.

Hope that helped you. Thanks for reading this.

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