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I am away form fiverr

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This article might be helpful

The more impressions, the more clicks The more clicks, the more sales. So focus on increasing impressions. First of all your service providing on your gig should be the best quality.The thumbnail should be eye-catching image or explainer video in high quality.Once above 2 things get ready, you should advertise your gig link or your profile.Be active daily on the platformTry to get high reviews from buyers for first orders.Warm regards.
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Counter argument:

Don’t rely upon Fiverr search engine impressions to determine the success of your gig(s). Impressions are just a number; they don’t really mean much when you stop and think about it. They only tell you how many times your gig cover is seen in a Fiverr search. They have nothing to do with people checking out your services. What I mean by this is, don’t create a gig, and then just sit there watching search engine impressions go up and down. You’re wasting valuable time doing that. Take responsibi…
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