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How to rank a drank gig?


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how to rank a drank gig?

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I know it probably takes you ages to complete the order of a tone of effort. However I would drop your prices to get more orders and then up them later because if you become a higher lever seller then you get ranked higher and access to more buyer requests. But there might be other people with more experience or YouTube guides that I would recommend you follow.

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You can follow this article

The more impressions, the more clicks The more clicks, the more sales. So focus on increasing impressions. First of all your service providing on your gig should be the best quality.The thumbnail should be eye-catching image or explainer video in high quality.Once above 2 things get ready, you should advertise your gig link or your profile.Be active daily on the platformTry to get high reviews from buyers for first orders.Warm regards.
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