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No new order almost 2 months


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No new order almost 2 months, What I do to get a new order.

I haven’t either for the same time period. I’m not even getting inquiries when I used to get a lot. I have no idea what’s wrong. I emailed their support & asked. They said nothing’s wrong. I think they want you to pay to promote otherwise you are 10 pages down even though I have 17 reviews & 5 stars. I can’t even pay to promote because I’m a level 1 seller, nor can I bid on projects. My categories seem to have become flooded over the last two months as well. I’m literally being shown 400th+ even though I have a lot more jobs & reviews than gigs shown 5 pages earlier.

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Sometimes this can happen when you don’t get orders for a while. I would look at your gig and see if there is anything wrong or get a friend to give some feedback or use the improve my gig thing.

Another thing you can do is use buyer requests to get more orders.

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