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Which Would You Rather Have...And Why?


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Okay, let’s try something different for a change.

Which of the following would you rather have here on Fiverr?

  • tips (extra cash from a satisfied Buyer)
  • a steady flow of jobs (daily/weekly income)
  • more impressions/clicks (the potential for more jobs)
  • four and five-star reviews (Buyers telling you how great you are)

Pick ONLY ONE and explain why it is worth more to you than the rest of the choices on the list.

I’ll go first…

I would want “a steady flow of jobs” because that would keep me busy and I would increase my income.

Your turn…

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Hmm, that’s tough…
I feel like I’d have to pick the steady workflow as well (but for a slightly different reason!)
What happens right now (which, makes sense because of the way Fiverr works) is that I will have no orders for a couple days - up to a week and then suddenly get around 6-7 orders in the matter of 3 days or so. Because of how some of my gigs do offer pretty big packages (up to 22k words) getting so many big (or medium orders) at the same time is a bit troubling. So if I got, say, a single order every single day (varying in length of course, not 22k every day, that would be…impossible!) I feel it’d be a bit easier to manage things (as it wouldn’t be a rush of sudden orders but orders slowly trickling in).
(…that being said I am happy to be getting orders at all. )

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