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Its been 1.5 month and got only One order


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I created my Gig around 1.5 month and got only one order. Want to know how can I get more order? Can any one give any suggestion after visit my Gig?
I will grateful to you.

favicon-32x32.png.23b97ebbc7858cbab8eb45a1282ebfcd.png Fiverr.com

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I think your gigs are fine, BUT you make fundamental mistakes! and I am sure you not doing any research ?

sales, leads, conversion or gigs orders is about supply and demand! if you don’t know your costumer is, I am sure, your supply(gigs) will be useless! my suggestion is try to understand the basic, i.e marketing! if you have marketing knowledge, you can outsource ppl to do the jobs!

because the most important element in any business are marketing!
without marketing you not get any sales! that’s why marketing cost are very expensive ! 🙂 try to be friend with marketing, reads the books, study case, learn 1-2 trick, follow the tips etc.

I am sorry If I am rude, its just my 2 cents, pls don’t take it personally 🙂

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