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Hey! Please help the newcomer)


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Hello again! I’m just getting started on my Fiverr journey and would really appreciate if you rate my Gigs.
I am very interested to hear your opinion on them and advice from experienced people. Thank you in advance!

favicon-32x32.png.992e4aa2229c5e83d233d4b352ab7f32.png Fiverr.com 7cc691a4-a386-42a4-b7b5-91c2ddd9f6f5.jpg.b63c55a7e63ccb5c3a9b4dd7c6fd6b09.jpg

artem_soldatov's public profile on Fiverr

I do web design, graphic design, basic video editing. I have experience in creating advertising banners and website designs. I never stop, I am constantly developing in the field of design, I take courses. I create amazing websites on Tilda with...

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