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I am new seller from Bangladesh Any suggestions?


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I am new seller from Bangladesh .Give me some tips to make my gig better…Any suggestions? I hope to get some orders soon.
This is my gig link .

favicon-32x32.png.23dd0a1b937427382c75a758b8513937.png Fiverr.com

relaxnayem : I will make vintage badge design for t shirt and logo for $5 on...

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I would eliminate any hint of unlimited revisions as that will become an issue for you sooner or later.

I’ll give you an example.

I’ll hire you to design something for me.

I am only going to pay you $5 (which will only be $4 in your pocket after Fiverr takes their 20% cut).

I don’t like what you’ve done for me so I get you to revise it.

Then revise it again.

And again.

Eventually, I’ll have you revise it for me about 20 different times.

I can do that because your Gig says you will give me unlimited revisions and it’s just going to cost me $5.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Some Buyers are like that.

Protect yourself and preserve your time by offering no more than 2 or 3 revisions.

Charge more for additional revisions.

Oh, and I would charge more than $5.

Some Buyers may see your price as being cheap which could mean cheap quality.

I’m trying to help you here.

Change those things and your Gig will look better.

Good luck.

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You can follow this

The forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting success. Someone has told them that you just create a gig and everybody rushes to buy it … Easy money! Of course that is not the case! Selling on Fiverr is just like opening a business. Imagine you are opening a shop in a town. You would see what the competition is doing. Are they offering the same thing as you. Can you offer something different or better. Or maybe a niche that nobody else has thought of. That is called research and you…
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