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Can two people use their own Fiverr account on same PC?



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On 2/6/2021 at 12:04 PM, hassanificatio said:

I don’t think so because there is no interaction between both. Can you provide any reference?

You can ask them (contact CS), but if they see 2 accounts on the same device (eg. through cookies - though depending on how the browsers store the cookies, one might not see the others cookies) they’ll probably think you have 2 accounts and so might ban the accounts. If you want to be sure, ask CS otherwise I wouldn’t do it. 

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If you have one machine but 2 men, how will you maintain the workload? Sometimes only you might need the machine for whole day, at that moment how will your bother work?

Another thing, the category both of you will work on require long time to finish up the job. I think you’ll mess up.

Fiverr put restrictions on having multiple accounts, if you sign in from one machine. Fiverr may consider you’re having double account. Even though there are some more factors they consider before issuing the warning.

I’d say, however fiverr reacts doesn’t matter as your mess.

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