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Shopify store management services fair salary


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How much labor does it take (how much work involved), and how experienced is your manager (or, how experienced do you need the manager to be, if you’ve not hired anyone yet)?

Edit: Also consider risk. How much are you willing to risk that a stranger on the internet can fulfil your work to the standard of quality you need, at the budget you have set. Yes, you can find amazing talent here, but you’ve got to spend your own time to make sure you get the right talent, or you risk loosing not just the payment, but the time that ‘talent’ wasted.

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Don’t hire a manager.

Hire a VA.

Most of these tasks can be automated. You won’t need more than 30-60 minutes of work per day.

Ideally, in a first world country, the hourly rate would be somewhere around $15-$45 per hour based on the complexity of work involved. For example, if you want them to handle phone calls, place orders on your behalf, etc.

But you can strike a much-much-much better deal online 👀

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