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What is the best media for gig marketing?


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twitter is the for gig marketing 😌

Tweeter is only useful if your kinds of buyers are on Tweeter.

Facebork is only good if your kind of buyers are on Facebork.

Instaham is only good if your kinds of buyers are on Instaham.

BluTube is only good if your…

Being there randomly firing off stuff will get you nowhere but annoyed and lots of annoyed people around you as you spam your stuff at them.

Rappers complain in groups that no one likes them but they make themselves unpopular as they only ever say “Yoo gotta Like on my new world breaking choonz on Spotifry” and such similar aggressive, thoughtless garbage. They never engage in anyone else’s conversation (unless it is to drop their stinking mumble bomb) or add any value of any sort for anyone. Then complain that Rap is prejudiced against. No, no one likes a pushy, narrow-minded, self-focused idiot. Don’t be that.

Build yourself as an expert in what you do. Start with your own site or somewhere that you truly own. Then once you have good material that your types of customers are looking for to get their thing done, you want to be in that space - not with ad-bombs but with genuine conversation about how great music gets made and finds fans. Your peeps will be interested in that.

It takes time and sensitivity.


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