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Will I Get A Warning? Please help


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So a buyer recently placed an order, claimed to be 100% happy but gave me a 4.7 star. I know that is not a terrible rating, but it was upsetting because I put in a lot of effort for his order. I did not bother messaging him/questioning him on inbox because I know that is against the ToS. But from what I know, other sellers have still responded to the buyers feedback in the comment box. So thats what I did and I explained why I was confused with his rating, because he seemed to be amazed by my work. So yes, I did say “I am confused by your rating” but I posted that as a comment on my gigs page where buyers leave reviews for you. I wanted to ask if thats okay. As far as I know it is, but what happened later was that the buyer messaged me on inbox telling me he gave me a 4/5 because he wasn’t “blown away,” even though he claimed differently. I have not responded anything to him. But I am afraid that maybe because he used the word “4 star” fivers system may trigger an unnecessary alert. Please let me know if what ive done regarding responding the buyers review was acceptable or not. I am an ethical seller and want to remain that way

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