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My 1yrs Fiverr Journey


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Since It was 31 January 2020 I created my Fiverr Account. I published 2 Gigs on January 31 at night. but I can’t publish more gigs without the Fiverr exam on my categories {SEO }. I was very worried because I don’t have any Fiverr exam experience, so I don’t have too much expectation from two gigs. Since the night of 31 January 2020, I wasn’t sleeping cause I was feeling "if I got a message if I got a message " but the whole night I didn’t get any messages. The next day February 1, 6:00 am I was just going to sleep cause I wanted to go my college at 9 am … I woke up within 2 hours at 8 am. I finished my breakfast and was ready to go to college.

I was just going to shut down my laptop then I just notified messages from Fiverr that " you have a new order from’…’ "…its was10$ order and it was very shocking because I wasn’t any expectation really but my feelings were that "I was flying in the sky 😊 "
I thought I need to hard struggle lots of days

within 5 hours I completed the order client was very satisfied and left 5 star

image744×164 10.8 KB

the same client asked me to do another order I have completed the second one properly

in February 2020, I got 10 order and I earned 112$ …that was my first earning in Fiverr

in one year I just completed only 37 orders, I know every one thinking that is not much because only 37 orders in one yrs, also my gigs prices are not much but this 20+ orders I have taken as a full monthly project with a monthly price 😊

I know everyone is struggling after month and month to get the first order. if your plan is proper and strong then I believe you won’t go dark of rotten

I Believe "MYSELF is the best person to make myself stronger and passioner"

** If you feel yourself then you can love yourself then you will believe yourself when you will believe yourself then you can achieve your goals 😊**

so don’t be worry just getting improving yourself every minute, I believe you will get yourself

Thank you so much for stay with my post

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