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How to decide budget on buyer requests?


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The budget is truly up to you! Things to consider would be:

  • How long will this project take to complete?

  • Does the buyer have a time restriction for the completion of the order? If so, will it be harder to make a quicker delivery?

  • How many orders do you have currently in queue that need to be completed?

Also, your Forum post is in the wrong category. “Learn. from Fiverr” is the category for posts relating to Fiverr Learn Courses. I would suggest moving your post to the “Fiverr FAQs” category. To do that, click the pencil in the top corner of the post! I hope this helps!

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Really most BR are insane when it comes to work required & budget.

You have to decide if you want to:

  • go in at your normal sane pricing and hope they realize that it is worth paying proper money for a proper result
  • price just above their budget in hope they can move a bit
  • stoop to their budget in-hope they give you a good review
  • leave em to die with it with their $5 Ferrari

Being a new seller should not be a factor really if you are good at what you do. If Einstein was here offering to do my sums, would it be fair or reasonable to tell him to charge less seeing he is new here? Many will try but that only proves how ignorant they are and therefore dangerous to work with.

I will say that my nine 5-Star reviews haven’t translated to open floodgates for my “real” Gigs (I use a special Custom Gig for BR which avoids one problem but creates another).

Nor have any of those delighted customers decided that it is worth paying more than insulting money for the skills they clearly know I have.


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