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Can I (and should I) request cancellation and a refund after delivery?


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Earlier this week, I contacted a seller regarding a job I was hoping they’ll be able to do for me. The seller said they will be able to deliver what I want, although they didn’t answer all of my questions (at the time of ordering I chose to ignore that issue).
On Friday the seller delivered, and this is when things started to get a bit complicated. For some reason, the seller delivered some of the files in the gig page, and some in the chat. At first glance, I didn’t get all the files that I expected to get, and I though it might have been my own fault for not explaining myself clearly enough (though that thought has changes in the last 24 hours).
From the little communication I had with the seller, I started to feel more and more like their English is not great, and as a result they are not able to understand me properly.
One of the reasons that I chose that seller, is that they were listed as new, with no feedback, and as I also sell on Fiverr, I know how difficult it is to get started. So I thought even though I was a bit disappointed and didn’t get all the files I was supposed to get, I won’t ask for a refund. I would just accept delivery, without leaving feedback, because I can’t give a positive feedback.
And that’s the point where I made a mistake. I didn’t really look at the files, just at the thumbnails, and approved the delivery. Only in the last hour I had a chance to have a proper look at the files, and it turn out those files were not made to my specifications, and as such I am not able to use them.
I would also point out that the seller has sent me several message, telling me to give them a 5 star rating (I assume that they are not aware it’s against ToS).

I know it’s really not cool to ask for a refund post delivery, and I should have checked the files properly, but is it still an option to get a refund? I just feel like I have no choice at this point. I also feel like there is no point trying to explain the problem to the seller, due to the communication issues that we had so far. Do I contact CS directly for that? Or is it only something I can do in the resolution center? What if the seller refuse a refund?

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This is a sad story.

I am glad that you realize that you had a hand in it too in that you saw red flags in not answering everything thing you said. That to me always indicates someone who is interested only in themselves (short-term) and so will be bad to do business with - as they do what they want, not what you need, or what they agreed to.

While I am generally anti-cancelling and refunds, I think that if they clearly didn’t attempt to get things right for you, they should be made aware that their methods need to change before they can be rewarded. that and the review demands which is another symptom of the above. Too much pressure in these places for reviews and stars which makes them seem more important than the work.

I bet we have them on here in a day or so screaming about how unfair it was they lost their pay. Never will they note that they didn’t do their job to specifications or communicate clearly. Sigh.


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