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Early Payout Option Removed


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On 5/27/2022 at 1:10 PM, chronological99 said:

Hi I am a Level 0 Seller who is about to become Level 1 on the next evaluation next week probably, I got the early payout option which is weird. I'm currently searching if this is just a bug which will get removed on me later or something else, this forum is very helpful thank you.



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The rules look vague If someone knew the clear rules for this option, that would be great. Somehow, I just delivered an order rated 5 stars with a tip and no early payout. Yes, all my performances are above 90% I contacted the support and I thought I was contacting a bot, lol. I got nothing out of it My biggest thought is that this thing is completely random, at least for now!🤔

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Hi, I've wanted to put in some thoughts since I often notice this same issue.

It feels very "random" for the option to not appear, but I notice whenever I've been close to ranking up or ranking down, within about a week or so of my monthly evaluation, the option will disappear.

I have taken out a cash advance twice, and during both I've been able to request an early payout during both, but just last week, as I went to complete the last order I needed to pay off the cash advance fee, every order since has not allowed me to request an early payout regardless of reviews, seller level, interaction, automatic/manual completion, etc.

Today I rank up, and as soon as I do, I'll check back in to let you guys know if I think this has anything to do with evaluation periods.

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