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Fiverr TOS and quick payout option


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Problem 1:

I’m a level 2 seller on fiverr and my nechie of work is shopify customization and Social media marketing. Whenever a client approaches me I have to send them my email address so that they can add me in their shopify staff account or facebook ads manager .

I read in TOS that we can share these details on the order page if it’s necessary. But in some cases i have to ask clients to add me in their shopify staff account or ads manager before starting order so i can check backend code in case of shopify and can give them the right price and time to fix or customize their store. So I’m afraid that fiverr misunderstood me some day and gave me a warning. Because one of my friends recently got a warning.

And sharing email is necessary otherwise I won’t be able to take and complete the orders.

What do you suggest? What should I do?

Problem 2:

In some cases buyers come in inbox and leave their contact details. I never asked anyone to share personal contact details. But in that case too fiverr gives warning to the seller, what we should do if some buyer leaves their contact details.

Although i always send a reply that " Sorry it’s against Fiverr TO".

Problem 3:

A Few days back I got quick payout options on the fiverr earning page and i was really happy. But now it’s gone. I was reading on fiverr forum and came to know that it’s in testing phase. What do you think these options will be available again. I really like this functionality.

Thank you!

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