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Should all GIG descriptions be in English even if they aren't in English?


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Hi! I hope everyone is okay. I have a question and I wonder if anyone could help me. I read recently that GIG descriptions must be in English, but I was confused if this should apply to all GIGs, because not all of my services are aimed at English speakers. When there is multilingual, I describe it in different languages. But when I refer to my native audience (Brazilians), I write in Portuguese.

Example of service in multiple languages:

Example of service in multiple languages.1272×428 11.2 KB

Example of service in Portuguese:

Example of service in Portuguese.1283×528 15 KB

Will I be penalized for that? Should I change all GIGs to English?
Thank you for your attention.

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Thank you so much. I’ll check everything right now!

As vezes também me questiono sobre se posso falar em português em algum momento, ou mesmo nos gags. Eu coloquei misturado, o meu tem inglês e português na minha descrição, pq imagino que possa haver Br’s atrás de escritores e desenhistas e não queria essa distância por causa da linguagem.

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