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Buyer not responding on revision requests


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Why would you cancel an order that you completed? If you do offer 0 free revisions (like me), it’s only a revision REQUEST. Doesn’t mean I need to change something for free. If you do offer a certain amount of free revisions in your gig and your buyer clicks the revision button without submitting any feedback, that’s against fiverrs terms of service. In that case you re-deliver your (finished) order with a short note. Buyers do have three days to request a revision with feedback. It is not allowed to get some more time just by hitting that button.

If you are ready to immediately cancel two orders just to move on and because someone isn’t answering, it doesn’t sound like you know what your service and time is worth. The work was done - get paid.

Is it possible to ask for 70 % payment after completion and 30% after revisions if any.

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