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My order is late

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Hi. I’m new. Buyer requested a modeling pic with their item, but now the order is late because I am waiting for the mail to bring the buyer’s item so I can model it. I requested an extension but buyer has not responded and my order is marked late.
How can I contact fiverr to resolve this so I dont get bad rating?

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All you can do right now is talk to CS -after being sure your customer is made aware of the issue.

Honestly tho you really want to take care that orders that rely on things outside of your control are either not going to be able to happen, or if it is possible, that you allow more time in your projection. E.G. if you normally take 3 days for turnaround, but now need to rely on mail, I would set 14 days (and deliver early if mail is good). If the customer can’t understand that, better you know they lack understanding now before they can hurt you.


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