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I have gigs,Not any work experiance to mention it in my profile.How to gain project?


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Hello everyone,
who can help me, I want to work as a freelancer for an experience to mention it on my profile to gain more and more projects. Till now I have to know how to satisfy the clients but didn’t have any freelance experience to attracts the clients. You know when I work with any client then I give him a quality work he satisfied to my work then he gives me some good reviews that help the others and also me to catch the next projects. What I have to do to catch the first project?

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Ok, so you know you can do good work, but have never done this work, even for yourself.
Which means you are left with no way to show what you could do if you were to do the work?

If I am correct, I wonder why you do not either:

  • set yourself an assignment as tho it was from a client, complete it, and show that in your portfolio.
  • find someone who is interested to let you do your thing (for little to no money if necessary) with the understanding that you will show the work in your portfolio.

I have both, I can show you my own music albums and I can show you work I did as contra for my portfolio. I can also show you work I did for paying clients which scored awards.

In business, it is on you to be creative in how you show what you can do.


Here are some examples:

Not officially portfolio but findable by anyone who cares to look. I just started Blender with the idea of being able to make things for my music videos. I made a simple thing (with some help from my partner), popped on a piece I had lying around, and published it on YouTube. Two months later I posted this full album. Anyone who says I can’t do what is in the video is not looking. At the same time, I make sure no one gets the impression that if I do anything for anyone that they will get Star Wars Ep 9

Officially portfolio. I asked a friend if I could remix one of his tracks for show. He sent the material straight over and I set about showing what I do. I show my points of difference in the market for Mix Engineers. How I handle my work. Again, anyone who can’t see what I do, who I am, is just not looking. Those people I cannot help.



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