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How get back on track again?


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I was a regular seller on Fiverr in the year 2018. In the mid of 2019, I had to cancel 2 orders back to back and my gig was reported by someone.

After that, I had to start ranking a new gig again and get back to sell. I know Fiverr has some hidden review feature which determines the sellers most. But no matter how much I tried. I failed on getting back on regular sales. Though I have some regular buyers who helped me to maintain my days during Corona.

I want to get back on track again. The track of having regular sales. I really don’t want to know secrets or shortcuts. Just some pro tips on how can I help myself on ranking gigs and some motivational speech or something that can really help me…!

Consider me as your “BRO”…! Have a great day everyone. Thanks in advance.!

Nur Alam.

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