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This Is Long TIme. Can anyone tell me why i am not getting orders on my gig


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Can anyone tell me why i am not getting orders on my gig …

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Hi...! I am freelancer Shaon(wpdesigner404). I am professional Wordpress Designer & Web Designer . Client reviews and satisfaction is my major goal . I won't stop work until you're 100% satisfy. Let's work together! I can deliver very fast...

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I dunno but to me Jan 2021 to Jan 2021 is not exactly a “long tlme”.

Altho maybe “long tlme” and “long time” are not exactly the same. Maybe between breakfast and morning cheese is a long time and the Cretinous Era (like Dinosaurs dude) and WWII was a long tlme??? (extra ? to help make up for those you forgot to use).

Are you one person or many? Are you perhaps a collective intelligence like The Borg? Most people find dealing with a collective identity unsettling. Unless of course that is Golum as he is just charming. All that “my preciousssssss” is wonderful.

Sorry if you think I am not taking you seriously but it is hard seeing there is so much oddity (and not of the Space variety) here.


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