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Temporary disable issue


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Hi, all. Hope you are fine. I am not doing so good. Today fiverr disabled my account temporarily while i was verifying my id. I submitted my natioal id card and my photo. Every time they sent me a message that they couldn’t match my photo. After i tried 3 times they just disabled my account and i’m super mad about it. Are they using robot to verify our id? Because i just took a selfie and my id’s photo and submitted it. All my information were real and the same. My photos were clean and fresh. But they kept telling me it doesn’t match. So what should i do? Fly all the way to them and show them who i really am? That time i was talking to a client and created a custom offer of $50. Now i can’t message him or don’t even know that he accepted my offer or not.

I talked to the support center and still got nothing.

Now all i want to know is this the way to treat a seller? Shouldn’t they improve their system?

Thanks to all to read my topic. Hope i will get a good solution about this and this will help others too.

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