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After completing the order fiverr cancel the order

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i completed a order with 5* review.after completing everything buyer bring some allegation against me which was baseless and obviously his allegation was out of my order scope.he asked for refund.but i tried my best to make him understand that it was not my fault.
but suddenly i noticed in morning that fiverr canceled my order without informing me.
i dont know what type of rule it is! Maybe he deleted my work and able to make understand fiverr CS that it was my fault. but i have all proof.
but I am so disappointed about this.if they do like this.i dont know what should i do in that.case.i spent so much time, effort, dedication to complete his project.he gave me so much modification and i did all.he was very satisfied and left 5*.but why he did like this
feeling so much disappointed and frustrated about this

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In this case, the cheater buyers get a lot of opportunities.after completing everything they delete our work and then complain against us fiverr trust them easily and then cancel the order give them refund.thus they make their order done by us without giving any payment.
i just stunned seeing that fiverr doesn’t feel the need to discuss us.they take decision based on buyer’s opinion

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Same here. I have had a 5 star rating since my account opened. Rave reviews! I completed an order for the month of January work. The buyer never disputed anything and order closed 3 days later. I decided to not continue working with him for feb and March work and let him know. He was so pissed off that I wouldn’t continue working with him that he complained to Fiverr. Lied that multiple revisions were never carried out. Customer service never showed me any proof that the seller provided to prove of these revision requests. But they were quick to go ahead and cancel the order and return his funds! Customer is always right with Fiverr I guess. 40 hours of wasted work and time away from my kids because this jerk lies and cries to customer service. I’ll be taking my business to a different platform. What a joke!

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