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Does Fiverr mess your cover up?


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Hello folks! Hope you’re having a great day!

I’ve noticed that Fiverr is in the habit of stretching Gig’s cover when it shows up in the search page and i’m curious if it affects your covers too.
The Gig page itself is fine, and Dashboard in Seller’s account too… But we’re not looking at how search page looks from Buyer’s perspective often enough i guess. Here’s what i mean:

1231576×1050 329 KB

Do you see that everything’s stretched? My monitor is standard 1920x1080, and you can see that letters are alright, problem’s not on my side.
Oh, btw, i’ve submitted a support ticket about that. Here’s what “”"“Davor”""" answered me with:


I will gladly help you with this today!
I understand that you want to know the correct aspect ratio for images to show correctly in thumbnails.

All you need to do is make sure that these images are high-quality and above (or at least at) 690x426 pixels. The image file you submit must be 550 pixels in width and 370 pixels in height and it cannot be larger than 5MB"

See that? “make sure it’s above 690x426; it must be 550x370”.

C O N T R A D I C T I O N .
550x370 works better than the other one but it still stretches it to around 110%.

What a joke. And to think they take 20% for that.

Does it do the same thing on your side with your gigs, folks? Have you managed to fix it somehow?
Thanks and have a good day!

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The way Fiverr deals with this seems unprofessional and/or incompetent.

Or they are not just willing to do a change… Not saying it is simple but definitely possible.

In case user wants to use video in their gallery, this video is supposed to show up as main Gig thumbnail. Their code grabs a frame from video (unless user selects another frame from video) and show it as primary Gig image.

The main image that should catch the eye and call “Click me!” is just amateurish downdgraded. Looks different over devices and browsers.

Simpliest solution to fix it is to use primary image from Gig gallery and overwrite that video frame that is used for thumbnail. But Fiverr do not know about it or do not want to do it or do not listen to users, whatever. They answer completely different question(s) and do not care!

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Brother I think they want to says that if you want to upload a gig image with the size of 550370 then it’s must be under 5mb but if your image is more than 5mb then please go with the size of 690426. BTW, I’m also facing the gig image stretching problem in my two gig image .

Thanks for your reply!

Well, i’ve pointed it out to the guy and he admitted to making a mistake, so i don’t think so. And any of those ratios don’t really work anyway, pictures are still stretched.

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