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Horrible aspect ratio problem with covers of my Gigs!


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Hello folks i hope you’re having a great day!

So i think i don’t get something. I’ve had a few Gigs up for almost a year now and it’s only now that i noticed how HORRIBLE my covers look to the public! Fiverr decides that it’s a good idea to show pictures to their owner and to the public in different aspect ratio, and it also decides that instead of cropping them, it’d be great to STRETCH them. See the picture attached, view from my Dashboard on the left… And it turns out the public sees it like the pic on the right! Wish i’d have seen it sooner, but now that i’m here what can i do about it? If i use aspect ratio suitable for the public view, it screws things up in other places like on the gig page itself… I really have no idea at this point. It should be simple to set up! Where am i dumb or why this is happening please help a fellow seller out, thank you!

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Sorry, that was just information gathering on my part. Was wondering if you used another browser so that I had something to compare to. No, I use Chrome too, but pulling up Edge shows distortion too.

I do wonder about mobile though.

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t heard this complaint here on the forums more often, now that I think about it.

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