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My tips on getting more jobs when things are slow

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Like many of us, I’ve had my moments where the orders are slow and there isn’t much work. Just because you don’t have many orders doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break! First thing you need to do is get your gig out there! Post it on social media, talk about it to people, you can even send it to businesses that may need your services. Anything to get it out there (just be mindful to not spam it, no one likes spam). Then second, don’t give up. It’s really easy to just say well I give up. This is to hard and I don’t want to do it any more. Persistence is key when things are slow. Third is keep your eye on those buyers requests! If you see something on there that you think you can really knock out of the park and fits your skill set, go for it! Apply to it and let them know you’re the best for the job. Keep working hard everyone!

Persistence is key when things are slow.

yes, great motivational post. thank you

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I am very poor at actively promoting my gigs. (tbh, I hate it) So I am guilty of taking a break when things get slow. Maybe I will improve this year. Just maybe…

I dont promote, and have job always. Its up to your gig and skills and communication with buyers to get them back coming without messages.

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