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What are your Favorite gigs purchased on Fiverr?


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There are a lot of hardworking and talented people on Fiverr.

Share your favorite gigs that you have purchased.

My Buying Favorites:

I’m obsessed with buying domain names, and building websites for them, so my top favorite gig is “domain registering”. To get a domain name for $5 is unbelievable to me. I’ve bought domain names from @nuyorker, @rachidis, and @leftyh. They are all great sellers.

PHP Programming sellers is another favorite. When I first started as a buyer on here, I worked with some incredible programmers. It’s harder to find one now.

In the past, this guy loved my idea for a website so much, he created a full admin back end for it for only $5. Unfortunately he’s no longer a member on here.

Back in September, I was looking for a new car, and found a seller who sells CarFax reports. Seeing how Carfax is like $35, I decided to order. I got two. Based on those reports, I didn’t buy either. One dealer lied about the actual mileage, and the other car had a gap in service that jump from 69,000 miles to over 200,000. So out of all the gigs I’ve bought, http://fiverr.com/rogermichaels/provide-a-complete-carfax-history-report-on-any-vehicle has been the most useful in my personal life.

Finally, I think http://fiverr.com/ct_connect has one of the coolest video gigs. I had one done last week. I love the concept. It stands out to me.

So what gigs have you bought and loved?


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Nakita, I have been programming PHP for over 8 years and still do it every day, so you can add hotwebideas to your PHP list. If you watch my Wordpress video on creating menus the right way, you will see some of my CSS.

Also, domain names for $5, that’s incredible.

As a musician and songwriter who is working on my 3rd studio album, finding musicians from all over the world is amazing and Fiverr has been excellent for that.

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Reply to @hotwebideas: omg ikr! A lot of my songs required singers for the chorus, so I look for musicians on here. I’ve bought five music recording gigs, unfornuately, only two of them came out great. I’m talking professional studio quality. They no longer offer such service here anymore, and I can see why. One added me on Facebook. He told me I should record the rest of my album in his studio in Alabama.

I definitely need a PHP programmer. I’m retaking a php class in January. I’ll have a better instructor this time around. The last one was an impatient jerk.

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Reply to @ceceliavo: You gotta pick the best sellers for it though. The best ones no longer offer it. I bought three a week ago but unforunately, they were registered with register.com which cost $35 a year, so I will have to transfer them to a cheaper company. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll buy anymore from here, unless I ask the sellers’ the right questions. The first seller I bought them from is username leftyh (no longer offers domain registration though). I have like 5 domain names hosted on his website and his renewal fee is cheaper than godaddy.com

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Reply to @ceceliavo: Yes and no. Cheap initial fee, than afterwards the normal price depending on the hosting company. I don’t mind paying the regular fee afterwards, I just don’t like companies who charge $35 per year when others only charge $10-$15. Its convenient for me to buy them on here because I already have cash to use on Fiverr.

Quick Tip: when shopping for domain names, use a safe/secure search site. I believe godaddy stores your searches, then buy the domain for themselves, and charges $1,000’s to buy it. It has happened to me a few times. Now I use a different site to find available domains, then order them asap.

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First thing first, i must say i m VERY picky in buying any gig. If any gig doesnt come close to quality, i’d request a cancellation. But I am very impressed with @coyotemusic

His writing skill is amazing. And the best thing is you just give him a very brief info, he can research and gather info to write a detailed and surprising PR article, bio as if he has known u. If u r a musician looking for being promoting by article marketing or u need a press release to submit, just give him a chance:


You have my words! This review comes from me, a VERY picky buyer!

And may I promote my gig a bit here:

I have 3 main gigs and they are all ORIGINAL, UNIQUE on Fiverr:

Michael Jackson dance


Gangnam Style Dance:




Really look forward to any orders 🙂

Tu Michael

[sheriff’s Note: Please don’t post external links on the forum. Thank you.]

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